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Travel blogger finds her way to the golden (hops) heart of Jozi

In the beginning of December, we had Thobeka, the Lived Experience blogger, pay us a visit. We took her on our famous beer tour, educated her palate with our delectable beer tasting and made sure she didn’t leave without a scrumptious taste of the food that the Taproom has to offer.

Thobeka has been a Jozi girl for over 20 years and had never been to the home of beer situated in the humming heart of Johannesburg. So, she thought it was time to pay us a visit and oh boy – did we love sharing all things beer with a not-so-seasoned beer drinker (hopefully we changed this).

Here are a few highlights she shared about her experience at World of Beer.

“The tour is not just about beer but it’s also very cultural & historic.

You get to meet amazing people on your tour and bond through the love of beer.

The value surpasses the price that you pay with a take home souvenir glass that will always remind you about your tour. The staff is friendly and always eager to help you.

It’s a great idea for a date or a friend’s get-together.”

Got FOMO? No worries, follow the link to watch her Instagram stories on the day:

For a more detailed review of our home, follow the link to Thobeka’s blog:

Now isn't it your turn to give us a visit?

Take the opportunity this holiday and new year to make it an experience worth your while! Even if it’s just to have a beer in our Taproom.

Here’s all the info you need:

  • Adults R130.00
  • Pensioners R120.00
  • Students (Student card required) R120.00
  • Children (up to17 years) R50.00
  •  Red Bus R125.00
  • Pub-Lunch entrance R60.00 includes 2 beverage vouchers
  • Beer Tasting R120.00
  • Tour & Tasting Package R200.00
  • Evening Tour (10 or more people) R180.00. Please note that prior arrangements need to be made.

Included in the rate (excepting for children) is the following:

  • Tour guide
  • One half-way beer
  • Souvenir glass
  • Two drink vouchers redeemable in the Taproom
  • Bar snacks (Simba chips and peanuts)

If you’d like to book a tour now, we’ve made it easy. All you have to do is follow the link, buy your tickets and come on over to the home of beer!
And remember, if you would like to have a beer tour after hours, contact us to pre-book your tour.


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