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SAB launches Liberado, a new Flavoured Beer with Tequila Flavouring

Are you a beer lover with a bit of a penchant for the odd tequila? Are you a fan of beer’s smooth and easy drinkability but also of tequila’s zing and unapologetic ferocity?

Well, now there’s no need to choose between the two.

SAB has just launched its latest creation, Liberado, a premium Flavoured Beer with Tequila Flavouring – and it’s everything you imagine it to be.

Inspired by all the passion that defines Latin America, the birthplace of tequila, this is a brave and daring beverage, perfect for the independent and courageous.

“Liberado is a brand boldly inspired by the passionate Latin American sense of freedom. It inspires young adults to release their ‘inner eagle’; to boldly share who they are with the world. It speaks to alcohol drinkers seeking something new and exciting, tapping into the energy and expression evident in a new generation of consumers,” says SAB commercialisation manager Kudzi Mathabire.

Says Liberado’s creator and SAB senior innovation marketing manager Deborah Mc Donald, “Liberado is a flavoured beer with a natural tequila flavouring complemented by subtle lemon-lime notes. Its distinctive packaging is designed to capture the edgy spirit and self-expressive benefit of this new brand in line with its catchy pay-off line, ‘Long live the free’.

“SAB has always been at the forefront of innovation within the beer market in South Africa and we are excited about the addition of Liberado to our portfolio of brands.”

Look out for Liberado’s distinctive golden eagle branding or ask for it by name in the World of Beer’s Tap Room. It is also available at leading urban liquor retailers nationwide.

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