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SAB launches its own Weissbier: Carver's Weiss

It's world renowned for the malted wheat used in its production, for its distinctive light-yellow or white colour, and for the tightrope it walks between low hop bitterness and malty sweetness. It's the widely loved Weissbier, which means "white beer" in German, and which is now available as a distinctively South African product. If you haven't yet tried SAB's new Weissbier, Carver's Weiss, the time to hesitate is through.

Carver's Weiss is SAB's first Weissbeer

Carver's Weiss is SAB's first Weissbeer (Image: SAB)

Carver's Weiss is a German-style Weissbier (or Hefeweizen) made with a blend of malted wheat and barley. It's everything you've come to expect from a good Weiss: slightly cloudy in appearance (a result of its unfiltered yeast that remains in suspension); low on bitterness and high in zesty fruit when it comes to taste; and offering a pleasant banana aroma and a creamy mouthfeel. It's easy drinking, smooth and laid-back; it's Sunday afternoon with friends.

Carver's Weiss is the ultimate Sunday afternoon beer

Carver's Weiss is the ultimate Sunday afternoon beer (Image: SAB)

The man behind the beer is SAB master brewer Gregory Slade, who created the recipe for this 100% malted wheat and barley blended beer.

Slade is pleased with the results. "The challenge for us was to achieve a balance of flavours to ensure that the liquid is easy drinking but still remains true to a Weissbier profile. The beer . . . can be enjoyed by men and women alike, preferably while sharing some good, simple food."

SAB's innovation marketing manager, Richard Lawrence, agrees: "Carver's Weiss is a desirable speciality beer that sits beyond premium beers from a flavour and aroma point of view, but is still accessible in terms of taste, price and availability."

Before you first crack open a cold bottle of Carver's Weiss, it is important that you gently awaken the imported German yeast and Cape aromatic hops that settle at the bottom of the bottle as a sediment. To do so, gently tilt the bottle before you open it. (You’ll notice that the back label on the bottle is upside down – this is to encourage the tilting ritual.) The imported German yeast and Cape aromatic hops are what give Carver’s Weiss its lively taste.

This summer, kick your feet up, take a load off, and pick up a Carver's Weiss.

Come and experience the very best in South African Weissbier – Carver's Weiss is available at the World of Beer Tap Room.

Make sure you pour it just right

Make sure you pour it just right (Image: SAB)

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