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Join our food and beer pairings – you'll be in for a taste sensation

Something soft, something smooth, something crunchy, something hot, something cold, something sweet, something salty and something spicy. All paired with the ideal beer.

You're in for a taste sensation at our monthly food and beer pairing at the SAB World of Beer. As a grain-based beverage, beer lends itself naturally to being paired with food, and you'll be pleasantly surprised at how it accentuates the textures and flavours of certain foods.

Our beer-pairing lunches take place one Saturday a month from 1pm to 4pm and comprise five courses, each of which has been carefully crafted to pair with a specific SAB brand. Guests are guided through the pairing by an industry expert, who explains the mouthfeel, flavour and aroma of each beer and how it enhances the food experience.

SAB trade brewer Anton Erasmus is just as passionate about food as he is about beer. "[Depending on what it's paired with] beer can simultaneously cut, complement and contrast. It does these three things but in two dimensions: taste and/or texture. You can have a beer that goes with a meaty dish in taste, but the meaty dish is quite dry and crisp, while the beer is smooth, so it can contrast on texture and simultaneously go or not go with the taste. It's that extra dimension that makes it crazy," says Anton.

Saturday 21 October

On 21 October our food and beer pairing is all about 3 Fransen Street, a range of three craft beers.

Krystal Weiss, a southern German-style beer that's been filtered, has a bit of a tart taste that is the perfect fit for the smoothness of smoked salmon, the crunchiness of baby leaves, the sweetness of rosa tomatoes and the citrus flavours of the mandarin segments it will be served with.

Other combinations on the day include 3 Fransen Street Red Irish Ale, a malt-accented beer whose flavour and slight sweetness go well with the texture of pulled pork; Carling Blue Label or Black Label served with Cape Malay shrimp and chicken curry, chutney, sambals and a poppadum shard; and 3 Fransen Street Cream Ale, which is very low in bitterness and complements the deliciously sweet banoffee (banana and toffee) cheesecake and chocolate crumble.

See the detailed menu here.

Saturday 11 November

Served as starter is a lightly curried butternut soup. The slightly thick texture of the soup with coriander cream, and the salt and dryness of the cheese straw it's served with, work well with the smoothness of Stella Artois, a malty and texturally distinctive beer.

Since Hansa Pilsener is soft, low in body and dry, it has the potential to easily be overpowered by food. This is why it goes well with hake poached in milk, which doesn't have a strong flavour.

Other courses to be served on the day include a peppered fillet of springbok on creamy mash potato served with Carling Black Label, which is great at softening the harshness of game and complementing the fruity Cumberland sauce.

Milk stout is all about coffee, toffee, caramel and sweetness. What could be better to pair it with than a rich chocolate brownie with an espresso anglaise and vanilla ice cream?

See the detailed menu here.

Saturday 9 December

The 9 December menu features a wide variety of beers: Castle Lite, Hansa, Corona, Carling Black Label and Chocolate Milk Stout/Milk Stout.

The lunch kicks off with a starter of ostrich carpaccio, topped with caramelised onions and Parmesan shavings, served with a crunchy garlic and herb bruschetta drizzled with lime-infused olive oil, served with Castle Lite, a dry and "coarsely crisp" beer.

"It's a complete textural effect," explains Anton. "Castle Lite is more of a textural bomb than a flavour bomb. Texture is even more important than taste in this case".

It's all about the sweetness and softness of the onions, the texture and saltiness of the Parmesan, the crunchiness and dryness of the bruschetta, and the creamy softness of the olive oil, combined with the crisp Castle Lite.

The third course is calamari served cold with a cucumber salad and sesame seeds, providing just a little salt and oiliness. This is paired with Corona, which Anton describes as a "sundowner wind-down beer".

For dessert, you'll be served a chocolate brownie with an espresso anglaise, vanilla ice cream and Chocolate Milk Stout (or Milk Stout if you're not that much of a sweet tooth).

"For the Chocolate Milk Stout, we [SAB] use a fraction of Ghanaian chocolate. Everything's decadent – the chocolate brownie with an espresso anglaise, the vanilla ice cream and the Chocolate Milk Stout. It's chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, but different fractions – a slightly crunchy brownie, a soft and mocha-like espresso anglaise, which then tie into the Chocolate Milk Stout," says Anton.

See the detailed menu here.

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