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Celebrating Beer Month

With the coldest beer on the hottest (trending) day, 2 February 2019, South Africans celebrated National Beer Day with cheer and passion! What many don't know is that February is also Beer Month, and we're loving every day of it.

Origin of SAN Beer Day

Three years ago National Beer Day was created and proposed to the local beer community by The Brewmistress, Lucy Corne, with no (obvious) objection South Africa has been celebrating this beloved day every first Saturday of February, every year.

 Lucy described this exciting day as "a collection of small scale events, promotions, pairings, specials and mini festivals" and noted that anyone can hold an event - fans also shared their favourite beer drinking spots online with the hashtag, #SANBeerDay.

SAN Beer Day 2019

If it didn't trend, did it even happen?
This year was an even bigger hit than before and South Africans raised their voices, alongside their beers, and shared the love for all thing's beer-related on 2 February 2019.

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Beer lovers also flocked to the World of Beer to enjoy a beer tour and tasting at a special discount and kept the hashtag trending.

See what was happening:

For us, every day is National Beer Day and this month of L.O.V.E we're here to remind you that B.E.E.R is also a four-letter word and beer lovers can celebrate their passion for the brew with their crew, any day of the year.

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